Value Investing
Value Investing

Anyone who aspires to create income should learn to invest in financial markets, to diversify their assets.

Not at all easy as there are “millions” of ways to do it more or less valid.

Basically there are 2 approaches:

  • Being a trader speculating on the performance of the indices (a real job because it requires constant operation and profound competence as well as an ability to control one’s emotional sphere, the latter aspect not at all easy to manage).
  • Being a drawer, that is investing in a stock that has excellent fundamentals and keep it in the portfolio for years without caring more about the “whims of the market”, we focus on the goodness of the company that represents it, so we no longer worry about fluctuations in the short – medium term indexes, trusting that in the long term the stock will certainly grow, … will grow if the company is solid and operates in a sector that has growth prospects, and moreover, the stock indices generally always grow in the long term, therefore it will also grow due to.

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The global crisis, caused by the CODIV-19 virus, has plunged stock markets all over the world; the sp500 performed a rally that began in 2009 with an increase of approximately + 400%, before the pandemic spread. Then the thud, a very rapid and inexorable descent in which many stocks have lost from -30% to -80%.

Below is the graph of the SP500 you can see the unstoppable rise trend from 2009 onwards until the drowdown due to the coronavirus:

A certain scenario ideal for creating a shares portfolio; this is a sector, however, where one cannot improvise, one must study and document oneself before buying shares in a company.Continue reading