mindset dinamico
growth mindset

What is the correct mentality that we should have or acquire in order to aspire to Financial Freedom?

The mental form is a fundamental aspect in general for approaching any discipline and certainly a very important and essential aspect in the journey towards economic independence.

If, as they say, 80% of success in business is determined by the mental attitude and only 20% by the technique with which strategies are implemented, then the topic becomes of central importance !!.

There is a well-known book on mindset, a milestone on the subject called “Mindset” by the American psychologist Carol Dweck. In this text, issues are addressed that have struck me a lot because, if put into practice, they are the key to turning one’s life in every sense.

There are two types of mindset: growth mindset (dynamic mindset) and fixed mindset (static mindset)Continue reading

Migliorare la propria vita

Do you feel a sense of restlessness inside you? That doesn’t give you peace? Do you feel you would like to do more? Your head is crowded with ideas, are you trying to give an order, to discipline them? They are a lot? Do you enter a loop of considerations and can’t come up with a clear idea on how to improve your future from a qualitative and financial point of view?

Or maybe you are further ahead, the idea has been focused, you have the idea !, you talk about it with acquaintances, friends, they look at you with distrust, with phlegm and resignation, they tell you that what you have exposed is difficult to achieve , that it takes too much effort ?.Continue reading

We can read a lot of material that teaches us the correct way to set a goal (you can find a lot of online content).

Once the latter have been formulated, we soon realize that some objectives are not met because the scenario can change due to a myriad of factors as well as numerous changes that could distract us if not make us completely forget our plans.

A goal can change, it is normal for this to happen, it is not a rigid entity, it can be shaped, adapted to new circumstances, even if it is necessary that the essence does not change, otherwise what is the goal if it is not pursued? Basically it will be our common sense to make us make the right decision and to choose which objectives to continue to pursue and which ones we need to abandon (even if for the latter the choice must be supported by a really good reason).

However, this is not enough, in order to pursue a goal over time, it is necessary to continuously focus attention on it, this exercise helps a lot. How to do it in practice ?; I will reveal three techniques that I personally use.Continue reading