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Wake up early in the morning! , in a hurry, having a quick breakfast and then running to work, like every day.
Come home tired, it was a stressful day, spent in an artificial environment, a building without a tree nearby, in the midst of a terrible industrial area, most of the time sharing your space with people with whom you have almost nothing in common.

In this open office you have to team up and perform! Just to put money into the pockets of your boss…, hours of motivational training but, at the end, all this activities are oriented to produce more “milk ” so that the company can “milk you better”.
You come back very tired, after spending at least one hour inside a hot tin (your car), in the roaring traffic boom, breathing smog.

At home finally you meet your family, immediately after crossing the threshold of your house your wife (or your husband) will attack for no reason and you don’t understand why …; you think for a moment …it is clear!… , she (or he) needs to get away with someone!, the day was long and hard at work! and very stressfull!!.

There are also children, who are playing making a lot of confusion and noise, it’s ok, they are children, they need to let off steam, you would be full of good intentions, but you can’t keep them, you are too nervous , then inveit against them, then you regret it, guilt remorse and stress stress stress … bingo!! it couldn’t have been worse!.
Enemy stress accompanies you every day full of work and incessant commitments, throughout your life (and when will you ever retire ?!) and why Must we shake hands to this wearying enemy? But of course for the salary, which allows you to buy everything you need and all the toys and needs that society advertise through media. But why all this opulence of products? Well … one of the possible answers is to produce more and more and therefore billing more in a regime of extreme competitiveness between companies, and to produce more and more you will work more and more, almost like a slave (or if you are still a slave your children will be).
In this crazy context, in competition with China, India, with higher and higher quality standards …, you have to be multi-mastered, learn a lot of things everytime and never give up, always motivated (but you are doing ‘interest of your employer and not yours), always better and For heaven’s sake!, be proactive !!, otherwise you are out of play and there is another guy who can substitute you, strictly young, underpaid, fresh graduation.
This process does not stop, rather, it increases exponentially as the months pass, you feel it on your skin, day by day and sooner or later something will happen, because we have already reached a level where personal space for own spirituality , own interests, no longer exists, or has been drastically reduced; there is only work, which serves to accumulate all the amount of money that will be spent during the month to meet the needs created artificially by the consumerist society. The next month starts from zero, with zero dollars in your pocket !, the infamous rate race …, see the literature on the web for this topic.

Do you recognize yourself in this description ?, isn’t it  your life?, perhaps more or less accentuated …. Maybe you will saying “no!, I do a job that I love !, I never have hurry, I have a lot of time for myself”.
Maybe you are part of a small, fortunate group of few people, most off these today are inside this destructive spiral that tends to cancel and endorse everyone in the long period.
People become an automaton, most of them are so addicted that they do not even realize that they are a chess piece moved by someone else on the chessboard, like in the movie Thruman show or Matrix.
But then we will ask ourselves, is there an escape route?, Is it possible to avoid this mechanism? Is it possible to be healthy?,Is it possible in essence to live a condition of well-being that presupposes the harmony of the six spheres (Body, Intellect, Spirit, Time, Affection, Money)?.
The good news is certainly yes!! fantastic! Isn’t it?…Of course, we need to take a path where we need to rebuild and adjust our psychology and then take actions to improve our situation. Acting contrary to how the average person would act. In short, being “contrarian” because most people do not do what is right but what the convention tells them to do.
If your work fills your life with satisfactions, if you love your routine, if you think that your financial situation and especially the management of your money is unexceptionable, if you think that the only source of support can be the income derived from hard work and there are no longer forms of investment to constant income that can relieve you from the obligation to go to work every single day, this blog has no idea to offer.
If instead you believe that the social rhythms take away most of your best energies, if you are creative and dreamy people, if you think that the quality of your life can be greatly improved and your time spent for more rewarding activities than those that you are usually forced to do, this is the right place to explore these issues, you are in the den of the foxes where we devise the right strategies, in the forge where we are forging the right intentions to acquire more freedom and wellbeing, these are the most precious assets .
In fact, the essential condition for living a more serene, healthy, spiritually fulfilling life, rich in social relationships, is having time available.
The most important resource.
In order to be able to dispose of your time as you want, economic independence is necessary !!, … yes, you understood correctly!, you must have reached a state for which you are no longer obliged to work! Stop to trade the most precious and finite asset we have (time) with money that is potentially infinite! (central banks can print as much as they want!) And it has intrinsic value equal to zero ?.
The exchange is not absolutely fair!.

The widespread belief is that this state of grace (financial independence) is impossible to achieve and that working is the only way to bring home a steady amount of money every month.
Another widespread belief is that to live without working you have to put millions of dollars down, a privilege for very few people.
Both of these conditions are incorrect.
Financial independence should be a goal for all workers belonging to the so-called middle class (Does middle class still exist? or only the rich and the poor exist?), All you need is determination! acting in a certain way with constancy, with discipline, with passion!!.
Financial independence is a wonderful concept, an idea that I fell in love at first sight because those who reach this state can really use their time (which no longer need to work)You can “work” as volunteer, to do good to others, or to practice your own obbies, to spent more time with your family or whoever are similar or share interests with you; such a strong emotions!, such a wonderful life!, to finally live a peaceful and fulfilling life, far from the stress of the work routine.
A financially free person can travel the world, devoting himself to what he loves, etc. etc. a privilege for very few today !! That’s why I think this concept is a wonderful thing.
Remember Financial freedom can be achieved!, it is a gradual process, which must be done step by step, and among the various articles of this blog, the techniques and actions to be used to pursue it are discussed. In short, this blog is a sort of logbook that serves me to set a series of objectives achieved or to be achieved and provides the starting point or context to deal with other people who have decided to take the same path.
Financial freedom is not around the corner, it is a medium-long term path, you may be wrong but you will get up again by learning from your mistakes, it is important to never give up, have clear objectives, know where you start from and where you want to get there.
I will not put the dot to the last article of my blog until my trip to the destination is not completed. For readers who want to change for the better to be healthy and free financially I do my best wishes and … enjoy the trip!!.