The winning mental attitude.

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growth mindset

What is the correct mentality that we should have or acquire in order to aspire to Financial Freedom?

The mental form is a fundamental aspect in general for approaching any discipline and certainly a very important and essential aspect in the journey towards economic independence.

If, as they say, 80% of success in business is determined by the mental attitude and only 20% by the technique with which strategies are implemented, then the topic becomes of central importance !!.

There is a well-known book on mindset, a milestone on the subject called “Mindset” by the American psychologist Carol Dweck. In this text, issues are addressed that have struck me a lot because, if put into practice, they are the key to turning one’s life in every sense.

There are two types of mindset: growth mindset (dynamic mindset) and fixed mindset (static mindset)
fixed mindset: those who have this mindset in general avoid challenges, stay away from things they do not know and are afraid of the unknown and the new, do not have a good relationship with criticism, in the face of difficulties they tend to give up quite easily.

Those with this mindset tend to complain and feel sorry for themselves.

It is thought that one’s person has certain characteristics by nature and as such they cannot be improved. There is a tendency to blame something else or someone else.

In general, one is envious of the success of others. The static mindset is a dangerous attitude and clearly has a negative meaning.

growth mindset: those with this mindset see challenges as opportunities, the challenge is perceived as something you can learn from and therefore a value not to be missed. Your weaknesses are accepted by understanding what your limits are not as a negative thing but as a positive thing from which to start to work on yourself.

You have an excellent relationship with criticism. Constancy and patience are two fundamental characteristics of those who have this mindset. Much importance is given to the process, i.e. to the steps that are needed to get where you want to go.

You feel inspired by the success of others.

At this point you may be wondering, but if I have a static mindset how can I transform my mindset in order to acquire a dynamic mindset?

This is a very long topic on which a lot of books have been written.

In any case, the first thing we need to work on is the relationship with error, accepting imperfection.

It is not possible to obtain a perfect result right away.

Many calculate the “right astral conjunction” before jumping into a business, into a new work experience, etc …

The perfect situation does not exist is an ideal concept unknown to the universe, and it is thanks to imperfection that we exist! (even the universe is imperfect: at the beginning it was a matrix consisting of a network of perfectly equidistant and distributed atoms, thanks to imperfection, that is the different distance between some of them that the first particles began to aggregate thanks to gravity forming the stars).

So where can I start working on myself to acquire / improve the dynamic mindset?

  • It is necessary to learn to live with mistakes and imperfection, failure is not a tragedy, a shame to be hidden with all one’s energy, but it must be understood as a learning process.
  • Accepting challenges and it is the best way to grow as I learn something new.
  • Being aware of having a purpose, knowing why something is being done.
  • Focus on process, look at the small steps and mistakes of the people we take as a model, we don’t have to look at them where they are now but we have to understand how they moved in the beginning when they started with similar means to ours!
  • Accept failure, have faith, treasure mistakes and move forward with patience.

Learning continuously is the only way to continuously improve.

Between saying and doing there is the sea, as they say, and it is true that certain characteristics an individual has by nature (and he is lucky!), But it is also true that we can all train and improve ourselves in this. sense!!.