Do you want to change your life but do you think it is an insurmountable obstacle?.

Migliorare la propria vita

Do you feel a sense of restlessness inside you? That doesn’t give you peace? Do you feel you would like to do more? Your head is crowded with ideas, are you trying to give an order, to discipline them? They are a lot? Do you enter a loop of considerations and can’t come up with a clear idea on how to improve your future from a qualitative and financial point of view?

Or maybe you are further ahead, the idea has been focused, you have the idea !, you talk about it with acquaintances, friends, they look at you with distrust, with phlegm and resignation, they tell you that what you have exposed is difficult to achieve , that it takes too much effort ?.

You are going through a metamorphosis, you would like to get out of your chrysalis, it is part of the process of change! be who you are for better or for worse !.

You would like to share your views with friends, but most of them behave like caterpillars that have been watching butterflies for years and say:

“It is impossible”.
“It’s too hard”.
“They are lucky”
“It’s not for me”
“They were born like this”
“I have not or have never had … like them”

Only you can decide to let the caterpillar die and become a butterfly! Because you can’t become a gentle butterfly by remaining a clumsy caterpillar.

You are either butterfly or caterpillar.

Any caterpillar can become a butterfly, just decide it !!.

The exit from the chrysalis must be prepared and it is a process of radical change, of complete self-questioning, not easy !.

You have to pay the price! Are you willing to do it? Or do you prefer to go slowly, perhaps in a slightly awkward way and are happy to savor a small part of what nature offers you ?.

Matters of choices, not discussed, matters of choices….