How to emerge, realize and be successful in a society that homologates.

Are you a man / woman who does not tolerate external constraints or inhibiting stakes? (There are already many that our brain, making fun of us, puts us, let alone those imposed from the outside!).

Do you love freedom? Do you believe that life is too short not to be lived intensely and in the best way that suits you, savoring every moment of your existence to the fullest? Do you want to fulfill yourself fully ?.

Well, needless to say, first of all if you tend to indulge your inclinations in spite of contingent situations they will call you selfish, vice versa if you do not support them they will call you depressed.

Unfortunately, the people around us influence us by preventing us from really achieving what we want.

They force us willy-nilly to wear a social mask, which does not fit us well, limits us.

Result we are depersonalized, leading our lives more like zoombies and our personality is crushed underfoot.

Time passes quickly and we run the risk of one day finding ourselves dealing with our years, the time that has passed and the life we ​​haven’t lived as we would have liked.

In the world there are people who have achieved incredible goals, building thriving companies, have contributed to decisively change our society, but what more do they have than most people (myself included) ?.

After all, they have a brain, a pair of arms and legs like the others, they have at their disposal starting resources not very different from those of ordinary people.

Why then have they achieved businesses with an enormous gap in terms of results compared to the average ?.

It is difficult to define a mathematical formula that describes the sum of the characteristics, behaviors that must be acquired in order to have the same results.

How to emerge, realize and be successful in a company that homologates.

Certainly at the base there is the ability to dream (those who do not dream cannot imagine what they could achieve), so the dream is the prerequisite for the realization of a more or less ambitious project.

You must have a fire that burns inside you and always pushes you forward, a fuel that never runs out.

Another very important aspect is knowing what to do in life and being passionate indeed obsessed with achieving the goal. So be dreamers, passionate but at the same time very concrete and set in motion all the strategies necessary to pursue the goal, whatever the cost (everything has a price).

Knowing what to do in life is not taken for granted, on the contrary, most people do not really know what they really want to do and therefore are satisfied with a routine job, which allows them to support themselves but not to fully fulfill themselves.

Worse if you still hear this internal fire, this internal voice that says, you have to do more, you have to achieve more, you can do it…. Paradoxically, it is necessary to be monothematic, obsessed with only one thing, for a long time, and this is not easy in a world full of stimuli and beautiful things to do.

If a person is curious it is natural that he wants to try his hand at multiple disciplines but in doing so it is easier for him to never emerge in a specific field. In my opinion, the monothematic is therefore more likely to succeed than the individual who loves to range over multiple fields.

Here a very important question arises for those who do not really know what they want to do in life, or do not have clear ideas, (very common situation), and it is the following.

How can I know what I want to do and what I am passionate about in life based on my nature? This question can only be answered by concretely trying to engage in more fields until you experience what we really like and for which we are inclined.

Talk to others as much as possible, meet interesting people who can stimulate you and help you focus. It is therefore a concrete research path, a very practical path! Thinking about what it could do in our case does not lead to any result. The practice is very different from what we envision it !.

You can change course at any age, especially nowadays, where you need to reinvent yourself every 4-5 years, the important thing is to keep a young spirit, open to changes and novelties, and have freedom, lots of freedom to spend without constraints … .

Unfortunately there are external factors that play strongly (in the vast majority of cases) to our disadvantage, so we must work on ourselves and at the same time defend ourselves from external attacks.

The first factor is the current job in general, worse if it is as an employee, the second the family.

There are already intrinsic duties that must be carried out, in the first case it is necessary to guarantee continuity in terms of time dedicated which often also limits the movements, in the second case there are precise constraints that do not allow us to move quickly and freely in the direction we want to take.

In these two environments described (work and family) there must be a reverberation of positive energies in tune with ours, if this were not the case, an energy pole would also be added to the related obligations and responsibilities that would reduce / annihilate our vital energies absolutely necessary for the our personal fulfillment.

Work and family would turn into big balls in the chain or social cages as you want to define them. In the latter case, the viable solution is only one, to remove negative influences and surround yourself only with positives. Look for honest and passionate mentors who want to share their experiences with you without ulterior motives! Try to live your life without friction by pushing away the people who row against you !!.

Look for a peer group to grow and compare with !.

Have a good trip and good life to all readers !!