No regrets !, live in fullness !, love yourself !, loving others will be a consequence ….

Finding oneself, close to death, lying on a bed, regretting what one would have liked to do, but which, for various reasons, has always been postponed in life, is a somewhat sad and bitter state; all would wish to die serene, satisfied, without regrets, for having lived fully and according to their inclinations.

In reality things are not like that, many people on the verge of death trust that they would have liked to do or achieve certain things, but by now it is too late, time has run out !!, and there are many in our society many!

Wanting to shape your time according to your inclinations without being led astray by contingent circumstances is part of those skills you need to work on.

In fact, to pilot our existence we need to know how to decide, act and achieve the goal.

Implementing these behaviors successfully is not easy but it is necessary if we want to live our life to the full.

We must not get anxious …, it is known that man overestimates what he can do in one year and underestimates what he can do in 10 years !!.

We have to be very aware of this !!, in fact it often happens to have the feeling of not being able to reach certain goals because time seems to pass, in reality maybe it takes much more time to reach that goal, we have to give time, be patient, faith, constancy, focus, and more patience, to insist, to insist….

For example, in the medium term I want to achieve a situation of serenity and balance, both economic and psychological, which allows me to take my space to travel and see the world and live more in tune with myself, with my way of being, my music (I’m also a musician), sharing experiences and emotions with people with a similar vibrational state.

I feel I have a significant charge of positive energy enclosed within myself, but this potential remains crushed, repressed within (the family is a big responsibility that often contributes to limiting and repressing one’s personality …), to explode it needs to be triggered by the presence of people with similar energy to mine, hence the need to meet people who can inspire me, advise through the exchange of experiences, The world is full of wonderful people, I want to travel, get to know them, interact with them !.

Let it be clear that any decision made by people close to you could criticize you; if you live by repressing your personality they will give you a depressed, an unhappy person, if you indulge yourself they will give you an egoist, who puts his own needs before those of others.

In short, you will always be criticized.

The point is that each of us is born to be free, the spirit is free!, Therefore it is natural and dutiful to live in fullness, indulging one’s inclinations without having to compromise too much, if we do not listen to our intimate little voice we will end up not loving each other, and the consequence is that this state of restlessness and dissatisfaction will result in not loving the others too !!.

If you satisfy your spirit, the inner situation reached will allow you to give the best of yourself towards your neighbor !!.

Remove the negative people who always row against you and frequent those who stimulate and enrich you !!.

In short, therefore plan your best without placing great limitations (feelings of guilt) on your future, give yourself the time necessary to achieve your goals, one at a time.

For example, I have planned to reach a medium importance goal every year, in ten years I can get very far from where I am now.
Some of the objectives included in the agenda in my case to give you an idea are:

1. Attend a master in Digital Strategist
2. Reward myself, once you have obtained the master’s degree, with a nice trip abroad (maybe even including business in the package)
3. Solve a difficult family situation still to be supported (I don’t want to go too far for privacy reasons)
4. Find a second working partnership
5. Identify a new investment controlled by me in which to invest the saved money.
6. Identify a personal work activity to be supported by consultancy with third parties.

I am aware that some of the items above are vague and therefore are not yet real objectives (such as personal work activity), this is in the process of being defined …, I have not entered a deadline for each objective in the article but for each I have defined a time frame in which to reach it.

It is important to achieve at least one result per year, this is the minimum!.