Finding oneself, close to death, lying on a bed, regretting what one would have liked to do, but which, for various reasons, has always been postponed in life, is a somewhat sad and bitter state; all would wish to die serene, satisfied, without regrets, for having lived fully and according to their inclinations.

In reality things are not like that, many people on the verge of death trust that they would have liked to do or achieve certain things, but by now it is too late, time has run out !!, and there are many in our society many!Continue reading

Saving ability is the first skill that you should acquire if your goal is to trigger passive rents that allow you to generate more money in order to have more free time at least by keeping the income constant if not increasing it.

To be honest the steps are: Pay off all the debts that depress our cashflow first of all, then save.

I was convinced that knowing how to save was equivalent to not spending, in fact my concept of saving has translated for years into the imperative “saving as much as possible by limiting to 0 the expenses that I consider superfluous!” and, to be honest, turning off the taps constantly on unnecessary expenses (without missing anything essential, including holidays every year) has produced its results.Continue reading