Who do I want to become in the next decade 2020-2030? … Clarity of intent between sirens and vampires !.

I think it is very important, now that we have just entered the decade 2020-2030, to stop for a moment and reflect on the past and the future.

What have I done good and bad so far and where do I aim to be or rather what person I want to become in the next 10 years?
Clarity of purpose and the right mindset are fundamental to maintaining the focus and pursuing our objectives, and they are even more so in 2020.

In fact, today’s society submits us to a myriad of continuous stimuli that risk obscuring our ideas and constantly mislead us.

The rampant multimedia, social media, technological devices, the thousand activities or beautiful things we can do today, all at your fingertips or clicks, tempt us and distract us from our goals.

Vampires who suck energies that could be channeled more profitably towards achieving our goals.

Often it will happen to choose to invest in a certain field and perhaps over time find that there are alternatives that claim to be more profitable, there is an ocean of possibilities, just open the internet.

Sirens that can distract us from our intentions !.

So it will happen to feel like the new Ulysses who try to reach the goals (Ithaca), at the mercy of sorceresses Circi who stun us, making us forget the goal or hissing tempting sirens who deceive with their sweet singing. The literature is full of metaphors in this regard, we think of the figure of pinocchio, tempted by the wicked Lucignolo who proposes to visit the country of toys, or the cat and the fox who advise to bury the coin to catch an infinity the next day .

Making space and clarity in your head and not being distracted is not a simple thing, you need discipline !.

It is therefore necessary to ask important questions, I propose five suggested to me by a coach friend who in turn did this exercise during a Tony Robbins course

The first one that is done is this:
“Who do you want to be?”

… choose it and then use it with all the strength you have and the strategies you know to become one, with perseverance and stubbornness, eliminating external interference !!.

Note that the question isn’t asked as “how much money do I need to become that person?”, Or “what do I need to become that individual?”.

Central is who you decide to become, because the ultimate goal of an individual is to be happy and fulfilled !, the rest are only tools to achieve this goal.

First important thing is who you are, then the results will come …

To the question I answer this:
I want to be a serene and free person, I want to travel (but not as a hit and run tourist, I want to stay for a few months, maybe to help out in Africa, go looking for opportunities or work in America and increase my real estate business in USA. started etc …).

At the same time also have the opportunity to go back to my roots, hang out with children and family and pass on what I have learned from experiences.

Just getting away would destabilize me.

To realize this dream I can no longer depend exclusively on work to live, I need to trigger semi-passive rents (the passive and nothing else do not exist or are extremely risky and therefore unsustainable over time …, the investment must always be followed).

Another important aspect to reflect on is “what actions led you to be what you are today?” “Did you get results?” , if you have not obtained the desired results, perhaps you have acted ineffectively to achieve the expected results …

So in the future you have to do things different from what you did before.
So the second question you should ask yourself is:
“What is the story that brought you here today?”

To this question I would answer:

  • Not knowing all the philosophy behind the concept of financial freedom until a couple of years ago.
  • Lack of goals.
  • Being employed for 10 years keeping me in a mediocre area of ​​comfort that has only depleted me in several respects.

Another important condition is discipline !.

Always do something constantly every day to pursue the goal.

This dedication continues, day by day, triggers virtuous mechanisms that quickly lead us to the result.

Then ask yourself this question: “Did you choose your path? Or did the others choose it for you?”

Third important question to answer is the following:
“What are you going to stop doing in 2020?”
To the question I answer this:

  • Not to act.
  • To get carried away by circumstances while I try to proactively condition my “destiny”, to go where I want and not where circumstances lead me; we are not logs transported by water! We can take advantage of the current, because it is not wise to swim against the current, but to impose our own path !.

Fourth question to ask is the following:
“What is the biggest fear?”
To this question I answer this:

To remain without certainties both in emotional and economic terms.

Fifth question:
“What’s the thing you have to do?”
This is the answer:

My first real estate investment.

Having made the necessary reasoning that these questions arouse, it is essential, in order not to harm self-esteem, to keep the promises made to oneself, therefore it is suggested to set few goals and that they are achievable !.

Up to now we have projected ourselves towards the future, we have reflected on what we will do in the next decade, but it is also right to stop and take stock of what has been done.

So I also want to ask myself this question: “What has I done good in the last 2 years?”.

It is right to remind myself how many things I have done because at the beginning almost nothing is collected but I am learning and acquiring the right mindset! In essence I am investing in myself, sowing.

Apparently, based on the concrete results (cash back money), I seem to have done very little or nothing, … I just started the engine, it must be brought up to speed …, this must not however demotivate me as I have to remind myself that I am started from scratch just two years ago, i am taking my little big steps !, like a baby starting to walk, i am doing them !! and they are very important !!.

Starting investments and reaping the benefits overnight, without any problems, is a fantasy that is better to get rid of immediately.

The things done in the last two years are these, and they are not few in a relatively short time considering where I started from !!:

  • I have frequented peer circles on several occasions that have brought me by example to acquire the right mentality.
  • Purchased and followed some courses on financial freedom, markets, real estate.
  • Made the most important investment so far made, founding my personal American LLC and joining a holding company that owns a number of Florida properties with a personal stake.
  • Arrived at a blow from the conclusion of my first real estate investment in first person (property to be rented to university students in Verona), a goal not achieved due to external interference, but I do not give up and I remain with the focus on the goal for the next year and not as soon as possible I will return to the office.
  • I changed my job, stopped being an employee and became self-employed by managing my time better.
  • I have acquired more know-how and knowledge in my professional life (investing in knowledge and know-how is always the best investment that pays better over time and knows no crisis).
  • I have tested other small investments, stocks, social lending, crowfunding and I have tried to delve a little deeper into the financial markets (a topic I will return to more seriously in the future when I have a mental space to dedicate to it)

Sixth and final question is:
“Are you celebrating your successes?”

Not much as they have not yet led me to a tangible result in terms of cash back, this is a big mistake though! it is right to do it now based on the list of things done in the last two years described above !, which are not a few … now I’m going to fill a glass and toast to the small steps faced so far !.