Pain no gain – the learning process

il processo di apprendimento

Constancy, constancy, constancy, and still constancy, day by day, week by week, month after month year after year, this is the secret to improving one’s skills / abilities in one area.

Studies on cognitive processes have shown that the continuous and constant application in a field leads to imperceptibly improve from day to day.

It may happen that you do not perceive improvement, despite the countless efforts you have the feeling of not progressing, not improving over time.

This can generate frustration, demotivation, it is therefore necessary to understand how the learning mechanisms of our brain work.

During the learning process there is an enormous amount of work that takes place in our head even if the results are not immediately evident, there are myriads of new neuronal connections, the change is drastic but slow and not visible; suddenly, with the process completed, the sudden improvement.

Studies have shown that what we learn today will be introjected within us, elaborated and made ours only after a year.

This happens in any discipline, whether in sport, in art, in learning new skills, in the study of a language, etc.

Basically, to acquire new skills and to settle the knowledge well we have to behave like marathon runners, if we want to win a race we must prepare ourselves for the competition day after day with dedication, perseverance, we can not expect to reach the result immediately with incredible efforts that take us to the limit of our possibilities, in an attempt to burn the stages in the shortest possible time, this is not how we can win.

We can not run from the start 20 miles in a few minutes, we will hurt, we must get to that result by increasing the effort slowly day by day, our body must reach us step by step, if we practice constantly we will see less and less fatigue in a completely natural process.

During this process of constant dedication it may be useful to alternate between phases in which one dedicates body and soul to discipline, perhaps for a week and then back again to dedicate regular time that was dedicated to him before, these phases of sudden increase for a few days seems to play for the benefit of the learning process.
In general, however, our motto should recite pain no gain.
It is not necessarily true that to obtain results we need to push ourselves to the limits with suffering, we will obtain better and more consolidated results by applying ourselves for less time, but with greater consistency.
Moreover, even the famous coach Tony Robbins teaches that repetition allows us to get to dominate a certain aspect: “Repetition is the mother of skill”.
Another matter is being able to be truly constant, in a world full of distractions and new and continuous solicitations, this is the real challenge 😉.