Constancy, constancy, constancy, and still constancy, day by day, week by week, month after month year after year, this is the secret to improving one’s skills / abilities in one area.

Studies on cognitive processes have shown that the continuous and constant application in a field leads to imperceptibly improve from day to day.

It may happen that you do not perceive improvement, despite the countless efforts you have the feeling of not progressing, not improving over time.

This can generate frustration, demotivation, it is therefore necessary to understand how the learning mechanisms of our brain work.Continue reading

Readers who can benefit from reading this article are potential foreign (non-American) investors who are interested in the US real estate market, that is, those who are unfamiliar with the American culture and are therefore in difficulty in facing a non indifferent, that is, investing overseas.
Below I will describe my personal experience and how I organized myself from Italy to invest in the USA.Continue reading

Financial freedom is a condition in which we should no longer have the need to work except to set up our investments and keep ourselves informed, because the world evolves as well as the types of assets that may no longer be as effective as a few years ago .

Basically, however, it should be an activity that is certainly not full-time, which leaves considerable space available, which is why those seeking to achieve financial independence should favor cashflow to capital-gains.Continue reading

The Cannabis market it says will be the next after that of Megatrend criptovalute.
The sector has excellent conditions for growing in the next few years in America and the world that will follow America example.
There are already eight states in America that have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes ,California last this year in January and Canada in July, it is plausible to believe that the other states will follow the example of the latter.Continue reading